Welcome and thank you for your interest in LH Language Services. We are proud to lead this unique school and to be a part of a growing community of language learners.

I, Nadiana, am a teacher of MFL, specialized in the British System Education and preparation of the IGCSE and A-Level. I have taught in Europe but also in the Middle East, more specifically in Kuwait and Dubai. I keep in mind, a wonderful experience, with students coming from all over the world.

I, Cory, was initially educated and certified to be a teacher of secondary social studies.  Later on, I also acquired my Master in Educational Technology as well as TEFL Certification.  All of this has given me opportunities to move and teach around the world, including, Kuwait, Spain, and online.  It has also given me some incredible experiences and the desire to always explore more while helping to open the doors for others.  

Over the years, we have noticed that students focusing on exams at school rarely had sufficient work to feel completely ready for the big day. Because of this, we would like to help students and professionals by providing preparation for these exams online.

Our mission “By your side to achieve” perfectly captures the ethos of the school, where students will be able to achieve and be successful in their exams.

We expect our students to fully participate in lessons and push themselves so they can see their potential. In order for them to do that, we will make sure we will be here to support them, help them in every way possible, and provide them with the best language education.

We are very proud of the school and we hope that you choose to join our language community and achieve your goals, today!

Cory and Nadiana Hurst

Our Vision

The vision of LH Language Services is to make students confident, well-prepared and successful in languages.

Our philosophy extends to the provision of full preparation, with well-resourced lessons, support, and exam practice. Furthermore, students will be assessed continuously through live lessons, in order to get personalized feedback and on how to improve their skills. 

From day one, we will be by your side to help you achieve your language goals!

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